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Clients served: Teens (16 and up), Young Adults, Adults under 55

Focus areas: LGBTQIA+ issues, ADHD, Gamer mental health, Autism 

Buck approaches the therapy process as a guide, not a leader, and incorporates creative arts in his work as a clinician. Buck is a Board Certified Music Therapist. He is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (WA State License #LH61423679) with background and experience supporting various age groups from adolescents to adults whose brains function differently from the average person (for example, in the way the perceive the world, think, learn and behave). Buck is a firm believer in social justice and is determined to disrupt the system in every way possible.

What can clients expect when working with me?

"In session clients can expect authenticity, creativity, humor, and the understanding that you are the expert in yourself."

Michael "Bucky" Hourigan, LMHCA: TeamMember
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